External Fabrication Resources

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A guide to some of the architecture, design, and innovation resources in the Greater Boston Area.


  • Local designers and showrooms
  • University fabrication facilities
  • Art, electronics, hardware, lumber, and specialty suppliers used often by GSD students
  • Community maker-spaces (public or private, membership-based spaces)
  • Shops/fabrication labs in K-12 schools
  • Greater Boston area universities with design programs

Last updated: June 2018

If there’s another location we should share on the map, let us know: fablab@gsd.harvard.edu


  • Zund Down-Time - The Zund will be unavailable for use Friday, November 22nd from 8 AM - 6 PM.
  • Casting Resin and Thermoset Plastics - Two-part resins potentially carry substantial health risks, especially to eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and the respiratory system. Consult with Lab staff before acquiring these products. Always review the Safety Data Sheet for a material before purchase or use.