Triangle Shotgun

Student: Yuna Kim (M.Arch I 2022) Course: STU 1308 Go Hasegawa, Fall 2020 Project: The three final models that were built for this studio were at half scale. The smallest model was about 4 ft long. In order to stay…

The Affordable Vegan Future House Showrooms (AVFHS)

Student: Adam Moqrane (MArch I 2021) Course: Daniel D’Oca Option Studio Fall 2019, Harvard GSD Project: These models were a set of three using plywood as the base milled using a CNC machine. Then the components which are coloured atop…

New New England Church

Student: Vivian Kuong (M.Arch I 2020) Course: Thesis, Spring 2020, Advisor: Mark Lee Project: This model was made with foamcore, and is covered with printed texture on colored paper for texture. The model is assembled at home, but the parts…


Collective Housing Model in Downtown LA


Midwest Equitable Meter Building

Jump Cut-H.Jeong

Circulation paths for the legibility of coherence among disparate elements that comprise architecture.

Jump Cut- D.Zhang

A design that investigates the formal dialectic between aggregation and subdivision and the spatial consequences as a result of their clash.

Housing in Los Angeles

Student: Vivian Kuong (MArch I 2020), Kevin Chong (MArch I 2020) Course: Core 4, Spring 2018, Instructor: Jeannette Kuo Project: The model is a 1/16″ scale model of a housing project in Los Angeles. It is made by using 3d…