Return Policy

Policy for returning materials to Lab Store.

Students may return un-opened, un-used, and un-damaged materials to the store for refund within 1 week of purchase, with receipt. Any return after the 1 week time will not be accepted. Lab Store Clerks may exercise discretion in accepting items that appear worn or otherwise unsellable.

Note: Returns are not accepted on all materials. Please review the list below for items eligible for return before purchasing.

ReturnableNot Returnable
Acrylic SheetGlue (all types)
Foam (White, Blue, and HD)Museum Board
Olfa Blades and Blade HoldersChip Board
3D Printing Filament and Build PlatesTape

If the store is unable or unwilling to accept your return, please consider using Student Announce or leaving it at a Free Cycle location located on the GSD campus.

End of Spring 2022 Term:
Please make all returns to the Lab Store by Tuesday, May 17, including items that were not picked-up. We will not offer refunds on any materials after this date.