A Night at the Opera

A project for the Opera of the Future


Christopher Gallegos (MArch I 2020)


Core III, Howeler Studio


A project for the Opera of the future for Boston Lyric Opera and Berklee School of Music.

1/16 in Process Models, Detail Shot

This shot shows the competing attempt to showcase different materials, process and methods for achieving a concept or emphasizing an effect to an appropriate scale. Clockwise from top left: (1) facade ghosting effect, (2) programmatic massing, (3) 2D Circulation, (4) Main structure distribution, (5) Main programs highlighted, (6) alternate programmatic massing

1/16 in Process Models, All Models

Each model base was CNC routed from a solid assembled plywood stock to fit the studio foam context model – replicating multiple bases early on allowed many strategies to be tested within the context model. Materially, each model looked at different stocks and construction strategies – Clockwise from top left: (1) sandblasted and vacuum formed PETG sheet over painted wood blocks, (2) hot wire cut blue foam with applied acrylic paint and basswood dowels, (3) handcut paper model with wood dowels, (4) 3D printed PLA elements spray painted white, (5) Laser cut acrylic with spray painted blue foam, (6) updated model similar to type 2.

1/16 in Process Models, Alternate Angle

The only adhesives used were a minimal amount of soba and super glue, as most pieces were built to slot together. Some are removable from the base entirely to test other strategies

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