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Core 3 Study Models


Rachel Coulomb, M.Arch 1 2022


Core 3, Fall 2019, Jon Lott


Study Model Stack

In order to present study models for final presentation at my review, I loosely adhered them together into one large tower stack and then situated them on the site model.

Behind the Scenes

Photographing the model in the photo lab (for scale)

Study Model 01

White foam cut on foamcutter with laser cut acrylic wrapping as the facade.

Study Model 02 (And Site Model)

Figure form model of blue foam and laser cut acrylic. Site model made with foam core/foam bases with color paper and spray painted foam cut building (Liquitex in order to not melt the foam). Trees are hand cut on foam cutter with white painted dowels as the trunk.

Study Model 03

Spray painted 3d Print facades with color paper backing.

Final Site Model

Three colors of paper cut on zund and then spray adhesived together to form facade pieces. Then adhered with double sided tape to a white foam inner base.

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