Building Elevation

Construction of a Deep Image


Estelle Yoon (MArch I 2020)


Thesis, Fall 2019


A fragment model of a facade and its attached interior space

A fragment model of a facade and its attached interior space at 1 ft-0 in=1/4 in scale. Overall size without the base: 24 in x 18 in x 36 in

solid vertical structure of the model

Most of the solid vertical structure of the model is made of flip-milled high-density foam (color came in pink-grey). The floors are made of 6mm-thick white PVC foam boards, also CNCed.

The glazing made with vacuum-formed PETG sheets

The glazing was made with vacuum-formed PETG sheets. The formwork for the vacuum-forming is a CNC-ed high-density foam. The vacuum-forming process allows for a high fidelity to the texture of the mold that the granular texture of the foam piece left mark on the surface of the glass piece, producing a frost effect. The spiral stairs were 3D-printed and the railing was made with a thin steel sheet, hand-cut.

material assembly

The core was attached to the base, both made with laminated MDF pieces. The walls around the core was 3D-printed and painted to match the color of the high-density foam. The assembly took place floor-by-floor, relying mainly on pressure fitting. The glazing was added last.

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