Concrete Resin Unit

1:1 Construction Detail


Lauralee Williams (MLA I AP 2021), Daniela Gomez


Undergraduate work


Make sure to use safe procedures if handling hazardous materials such as resin.

material assemblage of concrete metal flashing and resin sheet

part 1 plywood mold freestanding, part 2 plywood mold freestanding

The two parts of the plywood mold that will be used to cast the concrete.

detail of screws flashing and mesh in plywood mold, detail of plywood mold with hardware, mold for resin pouring, hand hammering nails into plywood mold, plywood mold with concrete inside

Plywood mold with hardware before and after filling with concrete.

cast concrete module

Construction Exploration Pt. I+II:

Pt. 1: Concrete Component:
Design and Test
This concrete unit is the first phase product of an architectural joint study. The unit is designed with features allowing for the attachment or joining with a complimentary material.

dried resin sheet

Pt. 2: Resin Component: Translucency and extension

In Part 2, the fasteners cast into the concrete unit are an intermediate system that allow for a joint with another material. Using some similar techniques as with the concrete, we created a mold that would allow us to cast layers of resin, with reinforcement, to form a curved sheet. The lightness and translucency of the resin compliments the mass and opacity of the concrete. The form of the concrete piece is extended by the resin sheet, creating a continuous ‘exterior’ surface. The unit is a conceptual but structural design of a wall component containing apertures exploring light, texture and structure of the material.

concrete resin unit

Complete assemblage

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