Different materials use in architecture to integrate parts, programs, codes, and contexts.


Hangsoo Jeong(MArch/2022)


STU1201, MArch Core3, Fall 2019, Fab Lab Project Room + Cozy Home Garage


1/32 in=1 ft0 in scale massing model showing different material uses

Resin casting was the principal method of illustrating different materials in the model. 3d printed PLA molds were suitable to retain each geometric volume, and acrylic inks & crystal cat litter use were for various material textures. There were sanding work with 200-1500 grit sandpapers and varnish finishing as well.

1/32 in=1 ft0 in scale massing model, disassembled

1/32 in=1 ft0 in scale massing model, detail part(aperture)

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