Jump Cut- C.Gallegos

1/4″ Concept Model


Christopher Gallegos (MArch I, Spring 2020)


Core I, Bonner Studio


1/4 in Concept Model, Overall

This was the first model made in the Core program and mostly ended up being a failure because the concrete perimeter broke when removed from the form-work with not enough time to fix before the final crit. However, you can still get useful photographs from failures if shot right and still show an intent

1/4 in Concept Model, Detail

The interior circulation was made from laser-cutting chipboard, assembling with sobo glue and spray painting after. There are imperfections in the craft that could have been resolved in a few ways: (1) using spray fixative / cement instead of sobo glue to avoid warping because of the high water content in the glue, (2) joining them together in 3 parts, sanding each piece, and then gluing into a final assembled piece (3) applying a gesso spray first, then green spray paint, allowing one to sand the gesso first, and avoid any seams in the final piece.

1/4 in Concept Model, Failure

The concrete facade broke when I removed it from the plywood formwork for a few probable reasons: (1) the mix fts water content was too high and too much plaster of paris was added to make the final pour whiter in color, (2) the form-work was too strong and wouldn ftt break away easy enough (foam or a silicone mold would have been better with vaseline or packing tape liner), (3) there needs to be a metal inrebar in element to strengthen the composition (metal mesh or light gauge wire would have probably worked), (4) the thickness of the final pour was perhaps a little too thin; using a 3/4 in thickness may have helped with the structural integrity. Lessons learned: Practice pours prior to doing the final piece, plan out steps intended to undertake model ahead of time, and add about a week buffer time before starting work.

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