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Core 1 Final Model


Rachel Coulomb, M.Arch 1 2022


M.Arch Core 1, Fall 2018


1/8 in scale building model

This model was made by assembling six 3D print parts that are glued, sanded, and spray painted. The rooms were easily printed by the dremel without support material. I then zund cut section faces out of museum board to wrap around the model and hide print seams.

Model Assembly

In progress shot of the model before adding entourage and a frosted acrylic facade sleeve.

Courtyard Detail

Similar to the exterior of the model, I cut a museum board finish for the courtyard walls, leaving holes for the protruding rooms to slip through.

Model Lighting

By the leaving the exterior of the protruding courtyard rooms bare (without museum board covering), it allows for more light to slip through the thin 3D printed walls.

Acrylic Furniture

I lasercut pink acrylic furniture to create a vibrant glow and call attention to specified rooms.

Facade Detail

The facade is a a frosted acrylic sleeve that slips on and off the model. Etched thin lines on the unfrosted side of the acrylic create a discrete layer of detail.

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