Layered Cloud: A Design School



Tiange Wang (M.Arch I 2022)


Core III: INTEGRATE, Fall 2019, GSD, Advisor: Ron Witte


This project speculates the way in which future spaces for design education enhance the experience of information and use it towards productive pedagogical ends. It seeks answers to the question that, in a digitally-enhanced world, how physical space aligns with our interest in information exchange and consumption, condensed yet meaningful in-person interaction and reinforced individuality. It investigates the ways in which the physical learning space can evolve along with the deepening relationship between our intellectual lives and the digital world.

Concept model showing program lamination in space

Different clusters of programs – library, fab labs, classrooms, auditoriums, offices, gallery and studios – are arranged in lamination to figure an interior where one can browse through the processes of design as if browsing through a book or website.

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