Midwest Equitable Meter Building


Yuna Kim (M.Arch I ’22)


Stu1319 Norman Kelley, Spring 2020


1/4 in scale interior elevation showing repetition and rhythm

In this view, you can see all of the materials that were used for this model – museum board, plotter paper for the pattern, acrylic for floor to reveal basement and lastly 3D printed handrails.

1/4 in scale view of entire model sitting on a base

The base for this model was made with foam core and it was covered with paper to hide all seams.

1/4 in scale rooftop view of model with one wall open

The model was built so that one wall could be removed. This was to better show the repetitive nature of the interior but also to make it easier when taking photos in the future.

1/4 in scale interior elevation of building with open wall

The acrylic was used to reveal the structural elements of the basement. The laser cutter was used to cut all acrylic pieces.

1/4 in scale view of interior back wall

The brick pattern of the model was printed out using the plotters in the building. Lineweights were purposely used to portray a indrawing – like in model. Once you plot the pattern, you can set up a file so that the zund can cut out all the pieces rather than manually cutting out each piece by hand. The pieces were then glued onto the museum board using spray adhesive which works very fast with paper material and leaves no mess like tacky glue.

1/4 in scale view of interior perspective from front of building

This view shows the structural elements which were all made out of museum board. I used the zund to cut out all the structural pieces and double laminated them to make them sturdier. The pieces were also built in a way that would interlock with each other making it easier to attach and requiring less glue in the process of assembly.

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