Collective Housing Model in Downtown LA


Christopher Gallegos (M.Arch I 2020) & Glen Marquardt (M.Arch I 2020)


Kuo Studio Spring 2018


1/2 in scale scale exterior toward louver screens

The louver fins are 3D print PLA spray painted metallic, adhered to the wood sub structure with superglue. We did a corner of the building, 3 stories up, incorporating a high degree of detail. Starting with each floor first, we braced it with scaffolding and adhered it with soba glue and superglue, then continued up, starting with the wood structure first, joists, then fenestrative sub-structure

1/2 in scale interior looking out to balconies

The studio brief required construct of these models to an extreme level of detail to use as photographed renderings. As such, this included getting them realistically lit, appropriately painted to a high degree of detail, and photographed with a slight fish eye lens to get them to appear slightly larger. The more detail the better, as some of our classmates took to an even greater degree with entourage.

1/2 in scale interior view showing modularity of spaces

It made the most sense to design the details so that all the elements would fit into one another. Unfortunately this meant spending a lot of time in Rhino to ensure that everything was right. And it did help to ensure minimal errors in the building process. That being said, tolerances became a big problem in the end, with everything being too tight a fit. Allow 1/16 in or more tolerances when planning to undertake a project with a large amount of fitting joints.

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