Nine-Inch Cube

A dimensional interpretation of an image of light.


Rachel Vroman (MArch 2010)


ARCH 8251: Graduate Architectural Design, Fall 2005, University of Minnesota


Axonometric view of dimensional model.

Wire window screen is cut and folded to create rectilinear prisms that are attached to one another to define the extents of a nine-inch cube while creating an environment invoked by the montage image (single-point perspective and transparency). Nine-inch lengths of straightened wire are inserted to help define the extents of the cube.

Montage of photographs of light taken from the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus.

Montage created using Adobe Photoshop, to produce effect of transparency and perspective. Staying within a square format was a requirement of the exercise. Image was then used to prompt a dimensional interpretation of the implied environment.

Elevation view of dimensional model.

Some rectilinear prisms remain open on one side or more.

Elevation view of dimensional model.

Some of the rectilinear prisms are formed by nesting two open boxes within each other, causing their sides to overlap and aid in joining. Others are joined at their edges with black thread or hot glue that is later painted black to conceal the addition.

Elevation drawing. Graphite on bristol board.

The drawing is more of an interpretation of the model, rather than of the original montage image or of the space/structure implied by the dimensional model. Shading and linework to produce quality of depth.

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