Retreat Yourself

Moving Ground, Preserving Place


Kari Roynesdal (MLA I AP/MUP 2021), Andy Lee (MLA I AP/MUP 2020), Chelsea Kilburn (MLA I AP 2020)


MLA Core IV Studio, Spring 2019


Detail Photo of Site Model Showing Stacking Layers

In this shot, you can see how the model consisted of various layers of plexi which we stacked on top of the base site model during the review. Here, I am stacking another layer of plexi + 3D printed buildings to show another phase of urban development evolving within a ~20 year timeline.

Detail Photo of Site Model

In this shot, you can see how the base site model is laser cut bristol board (for the topography) and there is a plotted drawing laid overtop (which I hand cut out at certain points to reveal the topography underneath the drawing). Then, there are 3D printed buildings with white plexi showing paths/bridges between parcels. The buildings/paths are glued onto a clear piece of acrylic, which was then stacked on top of the base drawing.

Site Model Showing Stacking 3D Printed  inAerial Watershed in Roofs

This photo shows the overall site model with all of the stacked layers assembled, including our 3D printed inaerial watershed in roofs which we placed on the last stacked layer as the final phase of design at the end of the review. This shot also shows the 2 in MDF picture frame which I built in the wood shop, which all the stacked layers of plexi sat within.

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