The Perceived Landscape



Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani, Kelsey Wang, Yu Wang (M.Des Critical Conservation 2021)


GSD 6322 – Mapping: Geographic Representation & Speculation Fall 2019, GSD


model made from plexi glass, string, beads, flexible garden wire mesh, pins, lasercut white chipboard and plywood for structure

This model, models a new landscape where the design students from GSD 6322’s most visited areas attract towards one another, freed from their real locations. It is made from plexi glass, string, beads, flexible garden wire mesh, pins, and stacked layers of lasercut white chipboard on a thin layer of plywood for structure.

undulating base landscape

By analyzing 490 design student’s ideal days we identified 60
locations where an unusual density of students visited, signified by the red pins. Additionally, the undulating base is a topography based on the kernel density of each activity point that a student spent time in. The deeper the landscape, the more time spent. The red string layer shows the likelihood of someone traveling from one point to another point. With these two sets of data a floating aluminum surface emerges based on the perceived reality of design student’s connection between the most visited points in the Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston areas and the likelihood of travel directly between these hot spots.

detail view of mesh

detail view

detail view

In this shot you can see that the previous step was to tie the metal mesh to the plexi walls. We secured those ties with a small dab of super glue as reinforcement. Then it was time to locate the red beads on the top mesh and connect them to the bottom. It was fragile work and we had to have one person holding the middle of the net up, another pulling the string around the pin connected to the base, and the third person adding a dab of glue to secure the string to the pin. We worked from the back left of the model to the right and then moved forward row by row.

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