Triangle Shotgun



Yuna Kim (M.Arch I 2022)


STU 1308 Go Hasegawa, Fall 2020


1/2 in scale view of three buildings

The three final models that were built for this studio were at half scale. The smallest model was about 4 ft long.

1/2 in scale close up view of building 3

In order to stay consistent and sturdy, each wall was built by laminating 2 sheets of 4ply museum board with 3/16th inch foam core in between them. For the exterior walls, another layer was added to show the vertical sidings of the building. The vertical sidings and window frames were all cut using the zund – this left no burn marks.

1/2 in scale interior view of model from top

For all three models, the wood floors and wood walls were portrayed by plotting the wood texture and laminating it onto the museum board (can be any other type of material like chipboard). In some occasions, the plots were plotted onto velum rather than regular plotting paper. It gives a subtle effect to the texture.

1/2 in scale interior view of building 1 and 2

In these views, we can see museum board, texture that was plotted on regular plotter paper as well as window / door frames that were sprayed using spray paint. By using a color similar to the wood texture, the frames can highlight the doors and windows without becoming a hindrance to the overall view. The texture was edited through photoshop and chosen after several test prints. Spray adhesive is a good way to quickly and cleanly attach paper to another paper material.

1/2 in scale interior view of building 3 (unfinished)

In this view, we can see the foam core sheets that were used for the stairs and floors. Although this is an unfinished view, the final product would cap the stairs in order to hide the seams. We can cap these incidents using a thinner material such as bristol.

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