Textile in Tension Module

The Perceived Landscape

Student: Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani, Kelsey Wang, Yu Wang (M.Des Critical Conservation 2021) Course: GSD 6322 – Mapping: Geographic Representation & Speculation Fall 2019, GSD Project: This model, models a new landscape where the design students from GSD 6322’s most visited areas…

Sports Palace

A stacking of trusses to achieve broad spans that accommodate a range of sports.

Snow Bank

A Multi-Scalar, Community-Based Response to Reuse Snow for District Cooling

Performing Arts Center

Student: Jonathan Yeung (M.Arch I 2020) Course: Core III, Fall 2017 Project: Other Projects with the Same Project Tags: Model Types: section, facade Lab Areas: 3d printer, laser cutter Material Processes: 3D printing, lamination, laser cutting Primary Materials: matboard, chipboard,…

Methodist Church

Student: Vivian Kuong (M.Arch I 2020) Course: Spring 2019, Instructor: Pier Paolo Tamburelli Project: This is a site model for a methodist church in Ohio. The building was made with 3d printing PLA and lasercutting acrylic. The site is made…

Layered Cloud: A Design School

Student: Tiange Wang (M.Arch I 2022) Course: Core III: INTEGRATE, Fall 2019, GSD, Advisor: Ron Witte Project: This project speculates the way in which future spaces for design education enhance the experience of information and use it towards productive pedagogical…

Jump Cut-H.Jeong

Circulation paths for the legibility of coherence among disparate elements that comprise architecture.