The Affordable Vegan Future House Showrooms (AVFHS)

Student: Adam Moqrane (MArch I 2021) Course: Daniel D’Oca Option Studio Fall 2019, Harvard GSD Project: These models were a set of three using plywood as the base milled using a CNC machine. Then the components which are coloured atop…

Sports Palace

A stacking of trusses to achieve broad spans that accommodate a range of sports.

South Boston Coast

Student: Eric VanDreason (M.Arch I, 2021) Course: Core III, Spring 2020 Project: This model was made with three layers of 3/4″ mdf boards, laminated with wood glue. The piece took about 2 hours to mill. small pockets were milled for…

Snow Bank

A Multi-Scalar, Community-Based Response to Reuse Snow for District Cooling


Collective Housing in Downtown LA


Collective Housing Model in Downtown LA

Methodist Church

Student: Vivian Kuong (M.Arch I 2020) Course: Spring 2019, Instructor: Pier Paolo Tamburelli Project: This is a site model for a methodist church in Ohio. The building was made with 3d printing PLA and lasercutting acrylic. The site is made…


Different materials use in architecture to integrate parts, programs, codes, and contexts.

Jump Cut-H.Jeong

Circulation paths for the legibility of coherence among disparate elements that comprise architecture.