Zund Rectangular Registration

Set up a Zund editor file from scratch

In your AI file, make sure to create a curve with the size of your material and put it in a different stock layer.

Import Adobe Illustrator File

Follow the above selection

Go to the Material/Job processing tab and select Material.

Select Material and enter material thickness, then press OK.

Click “Add new method” button to add registration layer

Choose “Register” and “border:front right” for stock that is rectangular and not printed. For printed matter, please refer to Dot registration tutorial.

After adding a registration:front right later, the zund board will have a marking on the right and bottom side (see arrow). Double click the layer for cutting to assign method.

Choose Thru-cut for layers to be cut.

Choose Score for layers to be scored.

Use the arrows button to rearrange the layer order. The operations will follow the order of the layer. Registration layer should always be first, then score, then cut interior, then cut exterior. Zund will ignore layers “none” method.

You can either send the file to Cut Queue or Save the file as a zcc file.

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