Cloud on top

Material attributes of spatial programs


Sujie Park (MArch 2022)


Core 3, Fall 2019, Andrew Holder


1/16 in scale facade & section model with a removable envelope

1/16 in scale facade & section model with a removable envelope

This project explores the material attributes of spatial programs– this cloud-like figure, like a child fts picture of a cloud, is a physical diagram of the building organizations and how they bundle and cluster in section.

One perhaps unusual (or unconventional) material used for this model is a tape, which I ordered a bunch of them in different colors and widths from etsy. I used the colored tapes to create the colorful glazing by laminating the clear PETG sheet with them. Other than that, the model is made with 3d prints, plexis, museum boards, and foam cores for the base.

1/32 in scale study model for the material attributes of programs. At this earlier phase of the project, malleability and slumpy-ness were the character of spatial program that I assumed.

This funny model is made with slime, a toy. As I wanted to realize the malleable and plastic image to the model, I had to conduct quite an experiment on the materials– from a child fts toy, rubber, liquid, and even to food such as jello, while the slime was the only successful one, obviously.

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