The Fabrication Lab is a resource available to faculty of the GSD and students enrolled in their courses, operating as an extension of the classroom and studio environment. Our goal is to provide students and faculty resources that support learning and designing through making, utilizing a variety of processes and materials.

The Fabrication Lab facility features a wide range of equipment, from robotic arms, CNC routers and miling machines, 3D printers, zund and laser cutters, to well-equipped shops for wood- and metal-working. The facility is structured as an open environment for material-based learning and research. Scale models and full-size prototypes alike can be produced by those in any department or program of study at the GSD.

The lab is managed by Rachel Vroman, Burton LeGeyt and Chris Hansen, fabrication technology specialists. Iris Ayala provides administrative support. Additional support is provided by student employees in a variety of roles. Together they provide guidance and assistance regarding any course-related fabrication work, maintain an extensive arsenal of devices and machines, and monitor safety.

Explore the Model Database, examples of the work that students of the GSD make in our facility and beyond.

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