The Fabrication Lab supports the Faculty of the GSD as well as students enrolled in the courses they offer. Staffed by three full-time employees and over 70 graduate students, Lab resources are available to students during the Fall and Spring semesters on a daily basis. Beyond the academic terms, Faculty research investigates a wide range of topics, making use of resources across the Lab. Maintaining a priority for safety, basic training is required for all users; more advanced training is also available to researchers and Lab employees.


  • End of Semester Zund Limits - Individuals will be limited to 3 hours of Zund use during the end of the semester, with no more than 90 minutes of use per day.
  • End of Semester 3D Printer Limits - A time limit of 12 hours of total build time (ZCorp and Objet printers) will be imposed during the final weeks of the semester.
  • End of Semester Laser Cutter Limits - Individuals will be limited to 5 hours of time for laser reservations during the end of the semester. Not all lasers will be able to be reserved.