New New England Church



Vivian Kuong (M.Arch I 2020)


Thesis, Spring 2020, Advisor: Mark Lee


This model was made with foamcore, and is covered with printed texture on colored paper for texture. The model is assembled at home, but the parts of materials are cut at the GSD using zund and laser cutter.

interior view

The view shows the printed brick texture on a canson color paper. Railing is made by 1/16 in lasercut chipboard, with thinness of 1/32 in for each railing vertical peace.

interior view with furniture

A view to that shows the pews, carpet floor and roof. The roof is made of zund cut museum board and spray painted laser cut chipboard. The stairs is 3D printed.

interior view with windows and baptism pool

A view showing the baptism pool, made with 1/4 in acrylic and printed blue paper. The lintels are made with white acrylic sheet.

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