3D Scanner

Screen shot and rendering of 3D-scanned point cloud being refined and having texture applied, creating 3D model of human bust.

Location: Gund L40

Photo of Joon, 3D Scanning TA, using hand-held scanner to capture bust of another individual. Work Room 224 of Sackler, 485 Broadway.

3D Scanning is used to make digital models from real physical objects. A variety of technologies exist, some utilizing physical probes, others lasers or reflective decals. Applications that process a series images allow individuals with a camera to create dimensional models as well.

The hardware that the Fabrication Lab has available allows both the shape of an object to be captured as well as color. The color, topography, and reflectivity of an object, as well as size and static quality will affect its ability to be accurately captured.

Like many three-dimensional digital assets, models created with scanning data can be used to fabricate objects using a variety of fabrication methods, and can also be used in drafting and modeling, rendering modeled scenes, as well as in creating augmented- or virtual-reality environments.

Technical Assistants are available to assist individuals in the selection and use of associated hardware and software applications. Visit them during the Office Hours indicated on the Calendar or contact them with questions or to book an appointment.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD.