Laser Cutter

Photo of room L40D, showing 4 of the laser cutters at the GSD.

Location: Gund L40

Laser cutters are used for engraving patterns or cutting virtually any 2-dimensional shape from thin materials such as paper products, natural textiles, acrylic, paper chipboard, and thin wood products. While primarily used in place of cutting by hand with a knife, these machines facilitate fast and intricate parts to be created from flat stock for model making and prototyping.

The GSD has seven CO2 lasers, ranging in power from 120 watts to 150 watts, available for use at all times during the academic semester. There is no fee for use; individuals supply their own material and perform their own cutting independently. Laser cutter technical assistants are available during office hours posted on the Laser Cutter Calendar for help troubleshooting issues, or by email.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD. In addition to the training required for all Lab users, use of the laser cutters requires individuals to complete additional online training.