Photo of woodshop, taken across table saw and towards project room.


Location: Gund L35

Photo of woodshop, Gund L35, taken from Project Room, showing worktables, panel saw, downdraft table, and sanding equipment.

The woodshop supports a variety of manual fabrication techniques common to design school environments. This includes processes ranging from traditional woodworking using complex joinery to quick study models. The woodshop is also used to prepare materials for digital fabrication, to post-process 3D prints as well as materials cut on the CNC machines or Zund.

Stationary tools are available for individuals to operated themselves and include traditional woodworking tools such as table saws, band saws, a panel saw, drill presses, sanding machines, grinding and sharpening tools, and small rotary tools. Some machines, including the jointer/planer, widebelt sander, small milling machine, and router table, require the assistance of a qualified Woodshop Technical Assistant or shop supervisor. Handheld power tools such as sanders, cordless drills, and heat guns are available for use in the shop or may be borrowed for use off-site. Small quantities of consumables such as nails, screws, drill bits, and sandpaper are supplied for convenience.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD. In addition to the training required for all Lab users, individuals making use of the woodshop must complete both a Woodshop Orientation (online or in-person) and a Woodshop Safety Assessment (online). See the Training Portal page for more information.