Lab Store


Lab Store

Location: Gund L43

Photo of door to Lab Store, Gund L43, with individual seated in the distance.

As a convenience, a small selection of materials are made available through the Lab Store, including rigid foam, acrylic and paper chipboard cut to laser-bed size, museum board, PLA for the self-serve printers, and some adhesives. For items not offered by the store, please shop local or ask a member of Lab staff to make a recommendation.

When the semester gets busy, the Lab Store often sells-out of popular inventory.
Hours of operation are limited.

All purchases must be made either through Crimson Cash or 33-digit billing code. No cash, check, credit, or other transaction types are accepted.

Spring 2021

During the Spring 2021 semester, the Lab Store will remain closed. Materials normally sold through the store will be used to fulfill parts fabrication requests for students enrolled in approved courses, workshops, or other academic activities.