Photo of robot holding needle tool, making marks into wet clay cylinder.


Location: Gund L45

Photo of large robot in L45, with hotwire foam cutter attachment and cut foam piece on worktable.

While much of what happens in the Lab can be thought of as being about ‘product’, the robots are better thought of as being about ‘process’. Moreso than with any other aspect of the Lab, users need to master every aspect of the process they are engaging.

The robots are flexible, programmable devices that can be used in a wide variety of applications, from simple pick-and-place tasks to more complex operations that include digital and analog inputs that guide tool actuation and arm motion in real-time. Two robotic arms and a limited number of end-of-arm tooling options are available; users may also develop their own to suit the needs of their project.

Many different applications may be used to generate code, but custom scripts are often needed. All workflow must be simulated in an approved virtual environment prior to execution on the robot. Individuals are encouraged to contact Lab staff in advance to discuss project ideas and methodology.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD. In addition to the training required for all Lab users, project-based training is provided.