Project Rooms

Photo of Project Room (Gund L31) showing worktables, metal shop, liquid disposal area, and abrasive cabinet.

Location: Gund L31, Gund L33, Gund 518, Gund 3rd and 5th Floor Studio North, 485 Broadway Workroom 224

While the most other areas of the Lab are staffed and observe scheduled hours of operation, there are few spaces on the GSD campus that are open at all times during the academic semester. Equipment, furniture, and other fixtures to support fabrication activities are available in these locations:

  • The Project Room (Gund L31) provides sandblasting cabinet, flammable storage and disposal, spray booth, work tables, liquid waste disposal, sink, emergency eye wash and shower, and spill containment kit.
  • A similar open-table work space is located in the workroom, room 224, of 485 Broadway.
  • A sewing machine and vacuum thermo-former are available alongside a bench for clean work in Gund L33.
  • The Spray Room (Gund 518) provides flammable storage and disposal, as well as four spray booths.
  • Hotwire foam cutters are available on the 3rd and 5th floor of Gund Studio North.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD. Basic Health and Safety training is required for all Lab users.