Training Portal

Find required online training via our group page on the Harvard Training Portal.

Training is required in order to obtain access to Fabrication Lab resources and spaces; different levels of training are required for the different areas of the lab.

Training Portal

For access to training, visit and log-in with your Harvard Key. This system will show you training that you’ve completed as well as any training that might have been assigned to you within the University. Our group page links-to all of the training we offer users of the Lab. (Note, this is a limited-access group, allowing only individuals associated with GSD access to this training).

  1. Fabrication Lab Orientation
    • Health and Safety Guidelines
    • Waiver and Release Agreement
  2. Hazardous Materials Training
    • Hazard Identification and Communication
    • Hotwire Foam Cutting
  3. Wood Shop:
    • Demonstration
    • Assessment
  4. Laser Cutting:
    • Safety
    • Workflow
  5. 3D Printing:
    • Safety

Training completion data is collected daily at 4 AM, but some access systems may not be updated until business hours on the following business day. Regular updates to access systems are not made on weekends, holidays, or dates when courses are not being conducted (including Winter Break, J-Term, and Summer).

In addition to the Training Portal, individuals can check SERVICES, the GSD training and access database, to determine whether there is record of their role within the school as an eligible Lab user, in addition to checking training completions and expiration dates, and machine reservations that have been made of Lab resources.

New GSD Students

Most students registered at the GSD will be encouraged to complete the training as a part of the initial Orientation Week for new students, to avoid disruption to their coursework once the semester has started.

Non-GSD Students and Research Staff

In addition to research staff conducting work related to approved GSD research projects, any Harvard College student, graduate student registered in another school within Harvard University, or registered at MIT or another participating institution who is cross-registered for GSD courses must complete the same training required of GSD students if the course in which they are enrolled requires access to Fabrication Lab resources. These individuals should reach out to Fabrication Lab staff to coordinate access to training and to verify they are entered into the necessary systems for access; see the About Us page for contact information.