Fabrication Lab

Model of the Fabrication Lab

Located primarily in the basement of Gund Hall, the Lab itself contains facilities for CNC routing, Zünd cutting and marking, a wood shop, metal shop, and machine shop, laser cutting, 3D printing (FDM and polyjet), 3D scanning, painting and general project assembly space, as well as a small storefront.

A rendered birds-eye view of Lab spaces and equipment, with section-cut of Gund Hall showing Lab located in basement. Equipment areas of the Lab re called-out with text annotations and leaders.

To get a sense of the layout of the Lab and the equipment therein, make use of the browse(r)-able model made by Jon Gregurick, the 2021/22 Irving Instructional Technology Fellow, through use of on-site measurements, Rhinoceros 3D, and Autodesk ReCap Photo, hosted on Sketchfab:

Additional fabrication spaces (robot room, 3rd floor Dremel lab, 3rd and 5th floor foam cutters, 5th floor spray booths, and 485 Broadway workroom) are not shown in the above illustrations.