Textile in Tension Module

The Affordable Vegan Future House Showrooms (AVFHS)

Student: Adam Moqrane (MArch I 2021) Course: Daniel D’Oca Option Studio Fall 2019, Harvard GSD Project: These models were a set of three using plywood as the base milled using a CNC machine. Then the components which are coloured atop…

South Boston Coast

Student: Eric VanDreason (M.Arch I, 2021) Course: Core III, Spring 2020 Project: This model was made with three layers of 3/4″ mdf boards, laminated with wood glue. The piece took about 2 hours to mill. small pockets were milled for…


Student: Jon Gregurick (M.Arch I 2021) Course: Andrew Zago Option Studio Fall 2019 GSD Project: Model “body” is multiple part PLA print, divided and individually printed flat on Dremel Digilab 3D printer. Parts are fitted, glued together, joints are filled,…

Generative Fluidities

Climate Infrastructure – Re-imagine the water processing future of Santa Monica

CLT House

Mass Timber Option Studio. CNC milled plywood jointed together