3D Printer


3D Printer

Location: L40B, L40C, Gund 3rd Floor Studio South, 485 Broadway (Sackler) Workroom (Room 224)

3D printers allow for almost any geometry to be made into a physical object. The GSD facilitates access to a variety of technology and material types, including FDM printing with PLA & ABS plastics, polyjet printing with UV-cured resins of different durometer, color, and transparency, and binder jetting a white, plaster-like powder into solid objects.

Users must prepare printable, water-tight STL files. 3D Printing Technical Assistants are available for consult and support at every stage of the process, including evaluating part design for print technology compatibility and related considerations.

Users must cover the cost of the materials used, by either purchasing their own PLA for use in the self-serve FDM machines, or by being billed for any parts printed on the equipment operated by Lab staff. While there may be wait times when the semester is busy, costs and turn-around times are generally better than would be found commercially.

Like other areas of the Lab, access is limited to faculty and staff of the GSD, and students enrolled in courses offered at the GSD. In addition to the training required for all Lab users, individuals making use of the 3D printers must complete additional online training.